Tips to Get Fair Skin Naturally

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Here You can Get All Simple,Cheap & Easy Tips to Make your Skin Fair & Shiny. fairness tips:How to get fair skin naturally at home by home remedies

People want to have a fair face for enhancing their beauty. Especially in Asian countries, people have a fetish for fair skin. But only few are blessed to have a really fair complexion. But, do not let worry dominate your mindscape. You do not have to splurge a lot of money in the beauty parlours to get fairer skin or buy expensive fairness cream. The only thing you need to buy a good sunscreen (SPF 30+) before stepping out of home, and when you are at home, it is necessary to wear sun block (SPF 15). You can get fair skin at home by using the products which are available in your kitchen.Here are some tips for getting fair skin at home, which must be used only when you use a good sun block.

1. Scrub a half of lemon on your face daily to lighten your skin tone. Lemon is an excellent bleaching agent, and it is very helpful in ironing out the blemishes of the face. Try this home remedy forgetting fair skin at home.

Tips to Get Fair Skin Naturally

2. Squeeze a juice of potato in a bowl, and apply this on your skin to bleach your face. Your skin's will get fair gradually after using this home remedy .

3. Use tomato mashed tomato pulp on your skin to give a pinkish glow to your skin. Tomato is very good for giving you fair skin tone . Home remedy of tomato also absorbs excess oil of your face to treat open pores of your face.

4. Home remedy of lemon juice and honey in equal quantity and apply on the skin to get fair skin.

5. Take half teaspoon of honey with a pinch of cinnamon; apply onyour face to get fair skin at home.

6. Apply cucumber juice with lemon juice to lighten your skin. This home remedy is very useful for making oily skin fair.

7. Apply plain curd on your skin to get fair and soft skin. Curd is a good source of zinc and lactic acid, both aid in lightening the skin tone.Curd is an excellent home remedy for getting fair skin.

8. Apply coconut water to get fair and flawless skin at home . This home remedy is helpful in lightening the scar of chicken pox also.

9. Massage your skin with almond oil or olive oil to get fair and soft skin, you can add a pinch of saffron to get better results. You can use this home remedy for your small babies at home also.

10. Mix 1 spoon of milk powder, 1 spoon of lemon juice and 1 spoon of almond oil. Apply this concoction on your skin; leave it on for 15 minutes before washing off. This is an effective skin lightening mask. This home remedy gives excellent results in getting fair skin at home.

11. Home remedy of Cucumber juice mixed with honey is very useful for making dry skin fairer.

12. Apply egg white on face twice a week to get fairer skin. Use this home remedy if you have to make your oily skin fair at home.

13. Mix oatmeal, curd with tomato to make a face pack for getting fair skin at home.

14. Mash a tomato and pour 4-5 drops of lemon juice, and apply this home remedy on your skin to get fair skin.

15. Mix papaya, honey, milk and milk power, and apply this home remedy on your skin to get fairer face instantly. This remedy is good for oily skin.

16. Apply sandalwood paste mixed with almond oil to get fair skin. This home remedy is a good home facial for getting fair skin at home.

17. Soak up almonds in the raw milk overnight, and grind it to apply on your skin. It is an excellent home remedy in giving you fairer skin tone.

18. Using raw milk on your skin lightens your skin tone. You can use this remedy on your babies also to get fair skin.

19. Clean your face with raw milk in which a pinch of saffron is added. Use this home remedy with cotton pads daily to get fairer and clearer skin at home daily.

20. Use home remedy of fuller's earth (multani mitti) with sandal wood paste to get fair and glowing skin at home.

21. Take 2 table spoon gram flour(besan) , 1 spoon of raw milk, 6 drops of lime juice with few drops of olive oil to make face pack to get fair skin. This home remedy is good for all skin types.

22. Boil cumin seeds in water, and rinse your face with this water to reveal fair and radiant skin. Use this home remedy for getting fair and radiant skin at home.

23. Apply lentil (masoor daal) with milk or curd. This home remedy is very good face pack for getting fair face ,and body. Use it daily to get results in 15 days.

24. Grind the dried orange peel and mix it with milk or curd to l get fair skin tone.

25. Boil radish in the water and apply this water on the face to get fair skin at home.

26. Soak black gram (urad) with 4 almonds in the raw milk and grind it in the morning. Apply this pack on your skin to get excellent results to lighten your skin in few days if used daily. This home remedy is excellent in getting fair skin at home.

27. Mix 2 spoon of mint juice with half spoon of lemon juice.Use this home remedy on your skin to get fairer skin; this pack knocks out the whiteheads as well as exfoliates the skin.

28. Apply the juice of ripe pineapple to get fair skin naturally at home.

29. Mix cucumber pulp (grated) with curd to apply on your skin, and see your skin gets fairer in few days.Try this home remedy for sure.

30. Home remedy of Fuller's earth (multani mitti) mixed with rose water to make it skin lightener for oily skin.

31. Mix watermelon with papaya to get makes a fairness face pack to get fair skin at home for oily skin.

32. Grind chirongi (sunflower seeds) which has been soaked up in milk overnight with few strands of saffron to get fairer skin. This remedy is best for very dark skinned people. Use this remedy to daily to make even dusky complexion lighter. It will take time to improve your complexion if you have dark skin, but it will work surely. So, have patience. You can trust this home remedy if if have really dusky tone, it will help you in getting fair skin at home in few months or years.

33. Apply turmeric with honey and lemon to get fairer skin. Do not use this if have dark skin.

34. You can use this excellent home remedy of liquorice with honey to get fair skin.

35. Mix 1 egg yolk, 1 spoon of curd, 1 spoon of fuller's earth, 1 spoon of honey to make a face pack to make your skin fair as well as tightening the skin.This home remedy is helpful in getting fair skin at home.

36. Take 2 spoon of sugar with juice of a lemon to scrub your face. Scrub your face till sugar granules do not melt . Use it on your face, neck, elbows, legs to get fairer and softer skin. Do not do this if you have pimples on your face as pimples will burst in the process of scrubbing. This home remedy is helpful in getting you fair and smooth skin.

37. Use home remedy of lentil with rice after grinding to make it a skin lightening scrub for your face.

38. Home remedy made by Mixing turmeric, cream (malai) and gram flour to exfoliate your faceon the alternate day to get fairer skin. Exercise caution while using turmeric, as it will give yellowish tinge to your face.

39. Spray rose water on the skin to get fair skin.

40. Breadcrumbs with cream (malai), when applied daily make you fair.

41. Face pack of saffron with cream( malai )makes you fair.

42. Malai with besan(gram flour) is the best for dry skin, this home remedy will help you in getting you fair skin.

43. Malai with curd works well in making you fairer. Try this home remedy to get creamy and fair skin at home.

44. Home remedy of Curd with honey is a skin lightener. Use this home remedy for 15 days to get fairer skin like never before.

45. Home remedy of Curd with lemon works good for giving you fair and silky skin.

46. Curd with tomato will give you excellent result, if you use it before bedtime daily. Try thishome remedy for getting fair skin at home.

 47. Coconut oil is helpful in giving you light skin.

48. Milk and chapatti (bread) is very good fairness facial mask at home. Mash bread (chapatti) in milk to make a paste to apply, see results in just 15 minutes after washing off. this home remedy helps you in getting you fair skin at home.

49. Home remedy of Milk powder with honey makes your skin light and eases out fine lines of dry skin.

 50. Home remedy of Milk with honey will help in getting you fairer if you use it daily.

 Note -Wherever the word milk has been used, it stands for raw milk.

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