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Try This Pregnancy Tip To Make Your Baby Smarter!

By: Health Tips | Views: 457 | Date: 27-May-2016

Naturally, most parents would want their children to be smart, healthy and active. Parents do everything they can to help their kids to improve on their cognitive functions, so that when they become adults, they can lead successful lives.

Do you remember the happy smiles on your parents' faces when you told them you scored well in your exams? It's a great moment to cherish, right?

Children are the joy and pride of their parents, this is a fact. Parents take utmost pleasure in boasting about their kids' skills and achievements.

Pregnancy Tips

Enrolling them to extra-curricular activities like dance, music, etc, encouraging them to develop hobbies, boosting their skills - these are some of the things parents do to help their kids be smarter.

But, did you know that the brain functions of a child start to develop when the infant is in the mother's womb?

So, if you want your child to have a better cognitive development, you must start taking steps towards it, during the pregnancy itself.

Eating nutritious food that contains various vitamins and minerals, necessary for the baby's health, is a must during pregnancy.

A recent research study has claimed that eating a good amount of fruits during pregnancy can make your child smarter.

How Consumption Of Fruits During Pregnancy Can Make Your Child Smarter?

A study that was conducted recently tested 688 children for their IQ levels.

It was found that the children whose mothers had consumed more than six to seven servings of fruits or fruit juices, per day, had higher IQ levels compared to the mothers who did not consume enough fruits.

The research study says that the more fruits a pregnant woman consumes, the higher is the rate of cognitive development in her child, which can be noticed once the child reaches 12 months of age.

It is said that the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruits and fruit juices can nourish the brain cells of the unborn baby, thereby developing a better cognitive function.

Along with being able to learn things quickly, fruit consumption by the mother during pregnancy can give her child a better memory and can also prevent learning disabilities.

So, it is advisable for the pregnant ladies to start consuming at least 4-5 servings of fruits on a daily basis!

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