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Herbal Treatments To Remove Skin Tags

By: Health Tips | Views: 1689 | Date: 01-Jun-2013

We have provided 3 Herbal Treatments to remove skin tags that actually work.

I could go over the typical remove a skin with duct tape or fingernail polish and they do work but can be painful. Instead, in this article I am going to focus on herbal remedies to treat skin tags. The upside to herbal remedies is that they are less invasive than other "fast" remedies. The downside is that they take a little more time and consistency in order for them to work....

Remove Skin Tags

Tea Tree Oil To Remove Skin Tags

Tea tree oil works very well for removing skin tags as well as moles. In fact, tea tree oil is used on various skin disorders. To use this all you need is a little tea tree oil and a cotton ball. Soak the cotton ball in the oil and apply it directly to the affected area. Do this once or twice daily for up to 4 weeks or until the skin tag vanishes.

Castor Oil To Cure Skin Tags

Most of you are too young to remember castor oil but this oil was used on a wide variety of common ailments and can be taken both internally and externally. The good news is that you will be using castor oil as an external ointment (I still shudder whenever I think of drinking that stuff). Here is what you will do. Take a little baking soda and mix it with the castor oil to create a paste. I suggest you add some citrus oil as it will stink to high heaven. Apply it to the affected area and cover with a band-aid. The typical time it will take is 2-4 weeks before the skin tag vanishes.

Apple Cider Vinegar To Remove Skin Tags

Apple cider vinegar works very well for removing skin tags and the good news is that you can buy it in a grocery store for fairly cheap. Just like tea tree oil, you simply dab some of it on a q-tip or cotton ball and apply it directly to the skin tag. Unlike the tea tree oil, Apple Cider vinegar may cause a stinging sensation for a couple minutes after being applied. Typical time until the skin tag vanishes?....2-4 weeks.

Those are just 3 herbal treatments that you can use to remove skin tags. If you don't mind waiting a couple weeks and can discipline yourself to treating the skin tag at least once a day, then these will naturally treat your skin tags from your home.
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