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Health Benefits of Papaya

By: Health Tips | Views: 1647 | Date: 22-May-2013

Papaya is a delicious tropical fruit which has a great taste, mouthwatering flavor and great health benefits.

Papaya comes loaded with nutrients. Every part of a papaya tree, from the fruit to the leaves contains some medicinal properties.

Papaya Health Benefits

List of Health Benefits of Papaya

  • Papaya is great for the skin and can be used as a face pack to get its benefits. It helps to get rid of acne and it helps to open clogged pores. The fermented flesh of papaya also called as papain helps to dissolve the dead cells, giving fresh and glowing skin as a result.

  • Papaya is a fruit that is rich in fiber and lowers cholesterol levels. It contains enzymes that help prevent oxidization of cholesterol, which in return helps to prevent heart-attacks.

  • The antioxidants in papaya help in controlling premature ageing. This quality of the papaya helps you to get a younger look.

  • The seeds of papaya too possess medicinal properties. They are very good in treating intestinal worms in the body.

  • Papaya helps in preventing constipation and aids in digestion. The enzyme papain is a digestive enzyme that helps in natural digestion.

  • Papaya juice helps in curing infections of the colon by clearing the pus and mucus from it. You need to take it regularly to heal quickly.

  • Papaya is good to cure the skin infections and wounds that don’t heal quickly.

  • It is low in calories and high in nutritional values. Hence, it is a good food for those who want to lose some weight.

  • For pregnant ladies, regular consumption of a small slice of papaya helps to cure nausea and morning sickness.

  • Papaya contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that help in relieving pain for those who are suffering from arthritis, edema and osteoporosis, and it also possesses anti-cancerous properties that can help preventing cancer.

  • Papaya is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C that helps in boosting the body’s immunity and hence is very good for those who are suffering from fever, cold or flu.

  • Shampoos that contain papaya are very good to control dandruff.

  • Raw papaya helps in controlling the menstrual irregularities in women. Papaya helps to ease menstrual cramps and helps in promoting regular flow of menstruation.

Here were some good reasons to eat papaya at least once in a week. Papaya can be taken with fruit salads, or in other cuisines or can be applied directly on the skin, it is bound to show some positive results and benefit your health.

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