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Anti Aging Food - That make you look younger

By: Health Tips | Views: 2319 | Date: 03-Dec-2012

Here we have provided list of food which will make you look younger. Its called anti aging food.

Here is the foods that helps to make us look like younger.

1. Nuts

Dried fruits contains more nutrients than the fresh fruits. Nuts helps us to overcome the general health problems that we face in winter season. Try to include nuts in your diet.

2. Berries :

Berries contains Anti Oxidative chemicals helps to bring the brightness to our face.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables :
Green Vergetables

Vitamin C is rich in Green leafy vegetables helps the skin to be more brighter and also removes the folds on the skin.

4. Fish :

Fishes contains 3 omega fatty acids, it makes the skin stronger, smoother and brighter and also reduces the folds on the skin.

5. Grains :

Grains contains lot of Vitamins, Grains are rich in B Complex. It deals with the functionality of the heart and improves the health condition of the heart.

6. Green Tea :
Green Tea

It is a antioxidant helps to refresh the mind and makes the people look like younger and cleans the bad cholesterol in the body.

7. Water :

Water plays an important role in the body. It works a lot internally and externally for the body. Take daily 8-10 glasses of water which is required for the body and makes us look like younger.

8. Chocolates :


Eating chocolates is not a bad habit, it contains good characteristics. Chocolates contains Coco, Milk Dairy products helps the healthy blood circulation over the body and makes the skin smoother & protects the skin from being folds.
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