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How To Treat Asthma Attack Naturally

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An asthma attack gives you very little time to recover. To cure an asthma attack instantly, there are some tricks. If someone gets an asthms attack try the

What happens if you get paralyzed by an asthma attack or one of your colleagues being a patient is struck by the asthma attack? Don't hit the panic button as there are several ways to treat the asthma attack. Too much coffee might not be good for your health but inhaling one or two grains of coffee beans is effective in providing instant relief to asthma patients. The patient can also use eucalyptus oil if he/ she is at home. It is also suggested to leave the area which might be causing the attack due to dust.

Asthma Attack

Below is a list of immediate treatments to cure an asthma attack:

Coffee to the rescue
If the person sitting by your side is afflicted by an asthma attack, try to make him drink a hot beverage such as coffee. Coffee is highly effective to unblock the air passage. If the person is not able to drink coffee, make the person smell hot coffee or coffee beans/ grains. This method is considered to be highly effective in warming the breathing pathways that counteract constriction experience during the asthma attack.

Eucalyptus oil soothe the nerves
An alternative method to cure asthma attack is by trying eucalyptus oil that not only soothes the nerves but is considered as a faster alternative when compared to any hot beverage. It also helps you save time since there is very less time involved in its preparation. Eucalyptus oil works best if a person is struck by an asthma attack at home and the mantra is to keep the oil in hand when sensing an attack or starting to feel the symptoms.

Basil leaf juice and honey
Another way to help a person suffering from asthma attack is to make the person drink a blend of basil leaf juice and honey. This has helped many asthma patients who suffered from attacks and the treatment help to chuck-out air efficiently since basic juice and honey induces anti-inflammatory properties to the affected person's throat tubes in a short span of time.

Stay calm and composed
Never freak out if the person you are with is suffering from an asthma attack as the patient will become even more nervous and the problem will become worsen. In such a situation, you should remain calm and gently encourage the person to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. In that way, the person will feel calm and in the meantime, you can call a doctor.

Leave the congested and dusty place
If anyone gets an asthma attack, the best way is to go to an open area. Asthma attacks are normally triggered by dust, smoke or perfumes and it makes sense to make the person sit or stand in an open space where he or she can breathe free.

Move the person in a warm place
Sometimes, cold air also triggers an asthma attack, so immediately move the patient in a place where there is warm or humid air to help relieve the symptoms. Moreover if you are with the person at home, running a hot shower will always help the asthma patient to recover. Also, make sure that you call the emergency service or a doctor.

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Fiber rich foods are helps control of asthma.
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