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Best & Easy Home Made Facial For Dull Skin

By: Health Tips | Views: 4294 | Date: 22-Nov-2012

Health Tips Give A Tips to make Your Skin Beautyful & Healthier.Also Give Some Simple & Easy Facial Tips Which can Helps to make Your Skin Glowing. This Home Made Facial U can Easily Try at Home Because It is not Expensive & You have not need to Go any BeautiParlor. This Facial U can Try for All Types of Skin and there is not Any Side Effect.

Today’s generation is having many skin problems. Because of bad food or carelessness or it could be anything. They don’t  care about their skin and health too. The skin of the girls are soft and sensitive. Dull skin is the skin problem which make the face dull like sleepy sleepy. There can be many reasons behind the dull skin.Pollution is the major cause of this and the fake skin care products which we use for this dull skin. Due to the chemical of this type of products skin starts damage. For this proper care is needed and there are some home made facials for you, by which you can fight with the dull skin.

Facials For Dull Skin At Home:

Papaya Facial:

Papaya is a good fruit for our skin. By this we can say no to dullness. For making the papaya facial you have to take a papaya and you have to peel it. Then remove the black seeds and chop it into small small pieces. Then took 1/4 cup of honey and mix it with chopped papaya. Now it is time to mix them with the help of blender. Now clean the mixer and you can directly apply it on your skin.

Home Made Facial For Dull Skin

Almond and Milk Facial :

Another good ingredient for our skin is almond. We always heard from our elder that almond is good for our brain but it is also healthier for dull skin too. For almond and milk facial. Put some Almonds into the water for one night. In the morning almonds will become soft and then peel them. Put them into the grinder after peeling. Put some tablespoons of milk into it and apple on your face.

Lemon And Sea Salt Facial:

Another facial for dull skin is of lemon and sea salt. By this your skin will become younger and glamorous . For making this type of facial for your skin , you have to take one by fourth cup of sea salt and then mix it with lemon juice. The type of facial is depending upon you. If you want to make the facial thick , then add lemon juice less. Apple the paste on your face and rest for some time with closed eyes.

Apricots Facial:

Apricots is also good for our face. For making the facial of apricots , take some apricots and mash them properly. Apple them on the face and then wait for some time. This is a simple facial for our face and it will help you to say no to dull skin.

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